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​What is Bedside Delivery?

Bedside Delivery will allow TruCare Pharmacy to fill and deliver your prescriptions to your bedside before the discharge process is complete. The process is quick and easy. Simply notify your nurse that you wish to participate in the program or contact us directly at 346-980-5828. Our knowledgeable team will head straight to your room and process your prescriptions without you ever having to leave your bedside. This service is currently only offered at The St.Joseph Medical Center.


Why should I participate in Bedside Delivery?

This service will eliminate the need to wait in long lines  at a pharmacy once discharged. This service provides very short wait times and very detailed consultations with patient and/or caregivers if needed. The pharmacy has close contact with prescribing physicians and can easily resolve any prescription issues leading to a much more successful recovery.


What times do you offer Bedside Delivery?

Bedside Delivery is currently offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.


Does your pharmacy delivery?

TruCare Pharmacy currently offers FREE DELIVERY  to our surrounding neighbors located within a 2 mile radius. If we receive your prescription by 2:00 pm, we will deliver your mediation the same day. Call us for more details. 

How can I speak to the pharmacist if I have question about my medications?

Our pharmacist is available during normal business hours via phone and also via VIDEO CHAT! Thats right! If you want to see your neighborhood pharmacist but cant stop by, we will chat with you on your mobile device or computer. Call us today for more details! (346) 980-5828

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