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Your personal compounding pharmacy


At TruCare pharmacy we strive to build  successful partnerships with practitioners by providing execptional compounded medications and services for practitioners and patients. We act as an extension of your practice by working closely with your team to produce high quality and cost-effective compounded medications.


Compounded medications can take your practice to a whole new level. You are not limited to "commercially available" drug products and you have a lot more ways to approach effective therapy and patient satisfaction.


  • You can treat patients with customized compounded products with alternative strength, dosage forms, and active ingredients.

  • Compounded products can improve patient compliance and well-being through tailored, personalized dosage forms.

  • Compounded products allow alternative methods for treating patients, which may prove more efficient and effective.

  • You may prescribe treatments designed specifically for individual patients, especially for those patients with complex needs. 


"Our service and dedication extends far beyond our products. We are your support network bridging your practice and the patient."


At TruCare pharmacy we believe in the term of “one physician, one pharmacy, and one patient” to achieve the best personalized health outcome. We are here to assist you whenever you have questions about any facet of compounding. We are dedicated to your patience and practice - saving time and money with our professional resources. Our knowledgeable, friendly, and understanding pharmacists are here to help.



Our pharmacists are here ready to answer any of your questions.

PHONE: 346-980-5828  OR 346-980-5906

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An extension of your practice
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