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Compounded medication, Compounding pharmacy

Individualized, compounded medications



We understand every patient is unique and often requires more personalized medication. Compounding solutions are often necessary for each individual who cannot take same medications available commercially. Compounding is the traditional art and science of customizing medications in unique delivery forms to suit each patient’s needs. We are experienced in tailoring medications you’re used to taking, however we create them in customized dosages and unique forms.

Some of our compounded medications are tailored to meet specific needs in:

  • Pain Management

  • Dermatology

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy


Our compounded medication is delivered in unique forms for each patient. Such as:

  • Lollipops

  • Flavored suspensions

  • Troches

  • Transdermal creams

  • Suppositories


We want to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients by helping the process of taking medications as easy as possible to ensuring patient compliance and reduced errors.

  • Our experts are trained in compounding

  • Work directly with physicians to create custom formulas for patients

  • PCAB accredited pharmacy and USP 800 compliant

  • The highest-quality USP ingredients

  • Competitive pricing on our compounds

  • Dedicated customer service for patients and physicians

  • Patient Follow-Ups reported to the physician

  • Consistent Patient Education

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